Beginners guide to Rock Fishing n Rockfishing nn Beginners guide to amazing world of sea shore fishing with light and ultra light tackle nn Rock fishing is one of the most affordable and exciting type of fishing that gaining a lot of fans around the globe. It requires you to have minimal equipment and desire for...


How to Get a Fishing License in Dubai

Fancy a nice big catch? Deep-sea fishing is one of the most intriguing adventures the UAE waters offer. Boasting over 500 marine species, Gulf waters are rich with marine life, including blacktip sharks, groupers, sailfish, parrotfish, and many more.n n Dubai is considered one of the biggest sailfish destinations globally, playing host...


Yellow Sardine

Green Sardine

Whit Sell

Spotted Travelly

Reel Sardine

Red Blue Sardine

Rainbow Orange

Pink Sardine

Gray Mullet

Glow Stripes

Stripe Glow

Spotted Stripw Glow

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