YASI Lures

Since the United Arab Emirates is surrounded by the ocean especially Abu Dhabi area is considered a semi-island, Fishing is a deeply embedded tradition in the UAE culture and is considered the main source of living for almost 80 % of Emirati population, The Emirati ancestors depended on fishing for survival. and succeeded in conquering the sea using the old traditional fishing methods.

Sports fishing and modern fishing techniques had recently entered UAE market and people started to shift from the old to the new methods with a lack of supply the YASI idea came out.

With fishing in-mind we are always eager to create and develop new lures that satisfy the angler & the market needs, for that we are always looking for new ideas and concepts that is inspired by the natural bait and the habits of targeted fish supported by our experience and knowledge and many prototypes and field trials

Manchoos 110S and 70S pencils is specially designed for Salt water & topwater Game. it has a unique and natural action on the surface, especially when you slow jerk it or slow retrieve it, the lure will give you a real live bait response. you can target on surface Kingfish, Bonito & Trevally species. on the shore and shallow water, you can Target rock fish species

Yasi Slim Pop 72F is created for shore and in-shore light Popping game targeting top water fish. The shape and weight of the lure helps you to achieve the best casting distance, moreover the hydro dynamic profile produces a unique spitting and diving action below the surface, as well that allows anglers to easily achieve the needed play action.