Yasi Jigs

Mahi Slow jigs

Yasi Mahi jig is a new unique design inspired by the dorado fish. It’s an extremely responsive jig with the slightest move of the rod and reel handle imitaing a wounded fish, when jerked the jig will vibrate and slid upward with a rolling action when it falls it has an enticing side to side irregular action and it changes pace which makes it very effective in complex currents.

Recommend to do many uplifting action and then let it go all the way down.

Yasi Semi slow

YASI Semi Slow is designed to attract bottom fish mimicking a slow falling injured bait fish, with a variety of colors weights and designs, in slow pitch quarter and half crank it smoothly rise though currents & on the fall it has a sliding/wobbling motion followed by a smooth glide making it a very easy to be spotted, 
Mainly targeting bottom fish and trevally species.