Slow Pitch Series


Yes!!! we have not forgotten vertical & slow jigging method. we have infused our wealth of knowledge of the emirate’s seas backed up by the studies we have been conducting for many months to build the best blank for Jigging to match the UAE slow light jigging style of fishing Yasi team was finally able to designed and developed a special rod that incorporates lightness & sensitiveness yet in its class. Proudly introducing (Al Yasat rods) which are manufactured from the highest quality carbon fiber materials and are unique to Emirati composition to give the best performance and consistency in jigging rhythm. Al Yasat rods come in two categories, (Jigging) and (Slow Jigging), both types with several different sizes to correspond with the varying depth and type of fishing needs. Ensuring all fishermen’s needs are met and exceeded.

YS 600


Over Head

YS 601


Over Head