Sills 125 SW is specially designed for topwater game, it has a shallow lip to give a natural smooth action, especially when you slow jerk it or slow retrieve it, the lure will give you real live bait response. You can target on surface King Mackerel, Bonito and Trevally species on shore and shallow water you can target rock fish species. To achieve the highest performance, we highly recommend matching this lure with a light casting rod, not exceeding 45G as max lure weight

Weight : 16G

Type : Slow Sinking transfer weight balance / super cast

Hooks : 3X #4

Best Use : Shallow & Water Game


Sills Lure Color Chart

S125 sw - 001

White Tiger

S125 sw - 009

Rainbow Transparancy

S125 sw - 011

Real Sardine

S125 sw - 012

Brown Sardine

S125 sw - 013

Spotted Trevally

S125 sw - 015

Silver Red Head

S125 sw - 016

Pink Sardine

S125 sw - 017

Silver Glow

S125 sw - 019

Yellow Sardine

S125 sw - 021

Pink Sardine

S125 sw - 022

Green Sills

S125 sw - 025

Lemon Shell

S125 sw - 026

Blue Red Sardine

S125 sw - 028

Black Sardine