TZ Casting


TZ Finesse Series

With casting in mind came the Al-Dhafra TZ, the first to hit the product line, purely designed & developed by YASI team.
Al-Dhafra TZ has been equipped with the latest carbon fiber with Nano Technology materials available in the Japanese and international market today and assembled with the incomparable Fuji guides (Fuji Torzite) to go line in line with the characteristics of the rod by further enhancing its performance & giving it the highest sensitivity while fishing.
Yasi team has conducted many extensive tests to juice the limits out of the rod’s backbone & went beyond that and more over the past 20 months of developing the Al-Dhafra Blank series We are proud to say Al-Dhafra blanks are considered the best in its class of Light Cast series locally. Considering fishing needs, YASI team came up with a series of rods to cover a wide range of the fishermen’s requirements.

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