Meet YASI PRO-Tester


Al Falahi is one of the first pro testers of Yasi brand who contributed in forming the launching products from its founding stages.
Since childhood his passion was fishing due to the prime location of his city Dubai on Arabian Gulf coast, which dramatically boosted his overall  fishing skills when modern fishing kicked-in in the UAE, Salem was one of the first anglers to master it & took the burden of improving it as much as possible, thus becoming one of the first introducers of Slow jigging, light jigging & micro jigging in the UAE.
Since Salem is working as an aircraft engineer, he is known for his precision, attention to details, wide knowledge of Materials & dynamics, hence became part of Yasi R&D team where his knowledge contributes to Yasi overall product success


United Arab Emirates

Fishing Style

Jigging, Casting, Micro Jigging, Live Bait


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ADF70 - TZ