YS 603 - 80 G

Light Jigging Series

asat rods are built to absorb more of the load, to take the stress off your body so you can enjoy the fight more & The fast recovery accelerates jigs through the water column faster, improving their action and enabling the angler to cover more area, with less effort.

Al yasat rods help you save your energy for fighting the fish With the unique characteristic of the blank that it reverses the relationship between effort and fatigue. The more the lifting power on a rod, the less strength the angler needs to use, which makes handling the fish during the fight easier than ever before.


    • Effective for every kind of fish

    • Effective for fishing in various areas; from bay area to open sea

    • Cover up to approx. 60 m depth with mainly 30 – 80g jig

Target. Groupers・Trevally , Bottom Fish

Field. vertical medium jigging

Lures used with Rod YS 603

Fast Jigs 30 – 80g, Slow Jigs, Jig Heads, Vibration Crank  jigs 27g, 35g, 60g – 80g



FUJI VSS Reel Seat

EVA Handle